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Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments. ALTEFY empowers you to update your images' ALT text effortlessly, improving your site's SEO ranking and accessibility.Experience the best in Shopify image alt optimization.

Automate Your Alt Text with AI – Exclusively for Shopify.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store, ALTEFY's advanced AI-driven interface simplifies image management for users of all skill levels. Enhance your SEO and accessibility with precision control, all within a few intuitive clicks. Experience the future of alt text management with ALTEFY, your Shopify solution.

How It Works

1. Install ALTEFY Plugin

Kickstart your journey with a seamless installation of the ALTEFY plugin. Our one-click installation process integrates perfectly with your Shopify store, setting the stage for optimal image management.

2. Set Image ALT Format

Customize your image ALT text format to align with your SEO and accessibility goals. ALTEFY's intuitive interface guides you through the configuration, allowing you to tailor your images to perfection.

3. Confirm Get Alt Text

Finalize your modifications effortlessly with a single confirmation click. Watch ALTEFY transform your images' ALT text instantly, enhancing your site's performance and discoverability.

Multi-Scenario Applications

Whether a content creator, agency, business owner, or developer, ALTEFY simplifies your workflow and enhances your website. Experience tailored efficiency with just a click.

Precision Control, Bulk Efficiency

Modify the image ALT text for a single product or select multiple products for bulk alterations. ALTEFY makes both precise and mass changes effortless.

Multiple Collections Alt Modification

Apply batch modifications to image ALT text across various collections. With ALTEFY, manage diverse sets efficiently without sacrificing quality or consistency.

Collection-Wide Alt Modification

Target a specific collection and modify image ALT text across all items. ALTEFY's batch processing streamlines this vital task, enhancing your collection's SEO and accessibility.

Automated Alt for New Images

Newly added images? ALTEFY automatically adjusts the ALT text, ensuring immediate compliance with your established format, boosting both SEO ranking and user experience.

Join the Leaders with ALTEFY

Align with the best in ecommerce, content creation, and digital marketing. Hundreds of top-tier brands have already harnessed the power of ALTEFY to enhance their image ALT text SEO and website accessibility. Don't be left behind; embrace innovation and elevate your online presence with ALTEFY today.

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